Friday, August 3, 2007

The Wedding Pictures

Here are a few of the photos we took at Marguerite & Tripps Boca Bash.
Pro photos coming soon!

Sweet Surprises

This wedding was full of surprises. Really great ones that had everyone smiling.
First, I surprised the bride with a custom monogram runner from i Do Originals. Marguerite had a roller coaster of a week before the wedding and I wanted to do a little something extra. Not to mention the church aisle was needing some attention. I can't say enough about i Do Originals, I called begging for last minute help and they totally came to my rescue. Check out the before and after; you can totally see why the aisle runner made a rather blah spot a great lead to the focal point.

Later at the reception, Marguerite and Tripp surprised all their guests with a sweet surprise, a candy station! Each guest received an empty (but pretty) box at their seat. The box also served as a placecard. When Marguerite and Tripp made their thank you speech to their guests, they announced that the boxes were for the sweet surprise in the next room. BUT, just before the sweet surprise was revealed, Marguerite told Tripp she had a surprise waiting in there for him too! Just as she announced this the doors to the "sweet room" swung open to reveal the grooms cake and the candy station. The grooms cake was a "whale" of a cake, to say the least. The Sweet Room was a huge hit and a really great start to the party portion of the evening. And yes, the cake was red velvet. It was as hilarious as it was in Steel Magnolias, everyone got a big laugh out of that!